The Dean of Students Office has something for everyone!

If you want to improve your competencies, make friends with similar interests, take part in social activities, and take yourself one step further; You are in the right place.


Peer coaches support our new students in adapting to university life. 

Free Trainings

We contribute to your career development through special certificate and training programs and prepare you for business life. To achieve this, we organize contentful trainings, seminars and workshops.

Scholarship &Discounts

Apart from ÖSYM (SSPE) Scholarships, there are many different scholarships and discounts that reward and encourage academic, sports and artistic achievements.

Student Clubs

An active social life awaits you on a lively and dynamic campus. We support you with our clubs operating in many different fields such as music, sports and art.

Barrier- Free Altınbaş

We believe in equal opportunity for all our students in academic and social life on campus. We are here so you can develop your self-awareness and freedom.


“Everything is here to improve yourself. For example, you are studying computer engineering, but you may also be interested in sailing in this process. Maybe you are a student in the department of interior architecture, but you can improve yourself in the field of sales from the department of business. Thanks to the Dean of Student Office, I have so many opportunities.”

Ayşe Rabia Kazaz

Through the Eyes of Students

“I am happy to be at a university where I can improve myself both socially and academically.”

Sema Aktürk

“We come together as people with common goals, and that’s why I spend a lot of time with the Dean of Students Office. Because I think they are influential in my development. In this way, my world of thought has also changed.”

Mert Bolur


You can contact us about anything you are wondering about.


As a Peer Coach, If you want to support our new students in adapting to university life, please contact the Teaching and Learning Excellence Unit.

Please look at the list of student clubs on the Quick Access Tab. You can contact the student club via Instagram and become a member.

Altınbaş University has teams of Basketball, Football, Futsal, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Karate, Taekwondo, Sailing, Rowing, Boxing, Tennis, HADO. In addition, our university supports the participation of our students with a professional sports background in competitions.

For scholarships and discounts, you can contact and follow the relevant processes via the given link.

I have an idea!

Have an idea about your campus?

Do you have suggestions for social life on campus?

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You can contact us.