Barriers- Free Unıt

The Accessible Altınbaş Unit is a unit that identifies the academic, administrative, physical, psychological and social needs of disabled students who are entitled to study at our university and works to meet these needs. Our unit determines the arrangements to be made within the university for our disabled students and takes initiatives to this end. These arrangements are aimed at increasing the accessibility of disabled students in various areas such as physical conditions, academic practices, and social activities. The goal of the Barrier-Free Altınbaş Unit is to ensure equality of opportunity in access to the opportunities offered to all students at our university.

Barriers - Free Unıt Staff

Altınbaş Unit without Barriers is chaired by the relevant vice-rector. The Commission includes Faculty/Institute/School Coordinators, Dean of Students, Student Council Representative, a Psychologist from the Psychological Support Unit and the Head of the Department of Construction Affairs. For any questions, comments and suggestions, you can send an e-mail to the addresses below.
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