About us

As the Dean of Students Office, our main goal is: to support our students in all areas from their university candidacy to their business life. In this context, our students are always at the center of everything we do as the Dean of Students Office. In all these processes, We are with our students for all kinds of social, cultural, sportive, psychological, or health support that our students need.



Dean’s Message

Dear Students, 

Welcome to Altinbas University.

University life is one of the most important turning points in your life. As the Dean of Students Office team, we are with you both during your participation process and to accompany you afterward. Our aim is to make this educational process that will shape your life fully and enjoyable. We are working hard for the “fully” part: You can meet many fields from sailing to football, from e-sports to gastronomy, from dance to archery under this roof, or you can improve yourself in the areas you are interested in. For example, you can experience sailing that you have never met before, become a licensed athlete and earn achievements. With our Career Center, you can step into your sector, participate in certified training, and make projects while you are still studying. You can always contact us to get support in the areas you have difficulty with, to realize your expectations and projects, and most importantly to perfect your university experience. We invite you to the Dean of Students Office to discover not only the world your university offers you but also yourself.