With industry professionals to be together


Learning and Teaching Excellence Unit

Do you need support in your studies? Do you want to support your theoretical knowledge with practical applications?

Or do you need support from your peers?

Then let us introduce you to our Learning Center.

  • Trainings to support your lessons,
  • Possibility to become a peer coach or receive support from a peer coach,
  • Facilitating learning with practical workshops in the field you are studying,

and we are here for more

Don't forget that the AU101 program, which is the first step of becoming an Altınbaşlı and will make your adaptation to university life easier, and its details are also here!

To be preferred in the business world with strong competencies

Career Center

Our Career Center is with you on your career journey!

If you want to come together with industry professionals and companies, strengthen your CV with certified trainings, and most importantly, gain a network while you are still a student, you can visit us.

Moreover, apart from our existing programs, you can suggest workshops and trainings, and request company and institution visits.


By taking these courses, you can gain professional competence and gain the advantage of being preferred in the business world. In the business world, you can acquire the sectoral knowledge and ways of doing business that you can learn after you start working while you are at school with the branded courses in the curriculum.


Before the start of the academic year, we assigned a peer coach from the upperclassmen of their faculty to both Turkish and International students. A team of 70 Peer Coaches, consisting of Turkish and International students, supports all our newly enrolled students in everything from their academic life to their adaptation to the social environment with the spirit of solidarity that is a part of Altınbaş Culture.

If you want to be a Peer Coach and guide your friends who are new to university and be a part of this special group, fill out the form and we will contact you!